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I was actually for real ID up until I changed my mind. What real ID will do is allow friends to form social networks using there real names to stay in touch in games and across realms for World of Warcraft produced by Blizzard Activision. Anyway, that is beside the point..point is with real ID it brings up a very touchy and personal situation for many players that play the game World of Warcraft that are transgender.

No matter what toon you are playing if you are in a friends real ID network, then they will know when you are on. Makes it simpler for heavy raiding guilds to keep track of who is on and who isn't. It is one thing to be gay or lesbian or bi, we have our own issues....being a whole other aspect of the real world that many people just do not get or understand and have a seriously hard time wrapping their minds around. This misunderstanding can lead to some serious backlash that can get people killed.

Another bend in the Missouri River forms the county line between Wyandotte County, Kansas and Platte County, Missouri to the north and northeast.

Now real ID is forcing Stephani to make a choice that will have a very real impact on her life and the relationships she has created online in the game she has played the last five years.Wyandotte County, Kansas, sometimes referred to as just Wyandotte, which contains Kansas City, Kansas, Bonner Springs, Kansas and Edwardsville, Kansas is governed by a single unified government.Often the Wyandotte government is referred to simply as "The Unified Government".Stephani now stands a real chance that she may have to deal with cyber bullying. It maybe just a game, but real people play it and real relationships are formed and when people are forced to relinquish a part of their soul in a manner that is detrimental to their well being due to some new, in and out, of game policy that doesn’t seem to have been thought through thoroughly enough - real serious issues arise that may cause someone to lose their friends and maybe even their life.Cyber bullying can lead to some serious problems with those that encounter it and sometimes it actually causes people to take their own lives. I can only hope that Blizzard comes up with a way for people, like Stephani, because this has devastated her.

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