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Trust us, you’ll soon see why they call this place the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.The Real Food of Sri Lanka trip is perfect for anyone who really wants to experience what people cook and eat in their homes.

For a "basics" tour, the accommodation provided was of high standard.Nov 16 (FT) Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) officials of the were at fault for the recent fuel crisis faced by the country, the report of the Cabinet Subcommittee appointed by the President to investigate the issue, has found.The subcommittee inquiry had identified that the officials of the CPC had known of the imminent crisis but had failed to take the necessary actions or alert the relevant authorities. Nov 16 (ST) The Govt has extended the deadline to submit proposals for the construction of 50,000 brick-and-mortar houses for conflict-affected families in the North and East, and changed some of the specifications to make the units cheaper and easier to build.The new conditions go some distance in quelling concerns that the estimated price of a brick-and-mortar house would be so high as to validate efforts in other quarters to more..Nov 16 (DM) Law and Order Minister Sagala Ratnayake, spoke about the progress of the investigation into various cases and the plans for reforming the police and current politics.

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